Monday, December 20, 2010

Staying Healthy and Energized this Winter

Over the past month I have shared winter health and healing tips on the radio, developed some special herbal tinctures for my clients and family and sampled some of them at my first Farmer's Market Fair.

What do you do to keep healthy in the winter? I double my water intake to combat dry skin from wood heat and cold air - get outside and walk, build core energy with rooted vegetables and beans, lots of soups and greens and fermented foods. I also take Chaga every day.

At the Barre’s Farmer Market Holiday Fair, I asked each person that stopped by what they do to stay healthy over the winter.

Here is a sampling of their answers--

“ Change my sheets” said one scruffy customer with a smile.

“ Walk my dog no matter the weather”

“ I walk one and one half hours every day, no matter what!” and “I wish I had someone to walk with me.” quipped a very old but spry woman.

“I sit in traffic and stick out my tongue as far as it will go – and then laugh and giggle at myself. A nurse told me it releases any toxins from the back of my tongue.” Wow.. had never hear that one.

Vermont Vitality! Winters up here really do push us outdoors - a critical time to keep the blood moving, body warm and immunity up. Quite a few folks shared that although they were walking and hydrating, they still had trouble with keeping their energy up. Here is a health and immune boosting recipe for those days when you need an extra zippity-do-dah.

My Holiday No-Bake Bon Bon Recipe

¾ Jar of Almond butter

½ cup of Rice Syrup

Chop/blend ½ cup currents, walnuts together

Add cocoa powder, licorice root powder and ginger powder to taste

If available, add some Guarana seed powder (not much) for a touch of slow releasing caffeine

Roll into quarter size balls in unsweetened coconut flakes.

Keep handy for those mid afternoon yawns.

Next post - addressing energy zapping stress!

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