Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Purslane for the Brain and Other Weedy Wonders

Happy Garden time!  I just planted Purslane for my brain. Why? It has more Omega 3- fatty acids than found in some fish oils.  It is known as Portulaca Oleracea and is sometimes referred to as pusley, pigweed or verdolaga.  Native to the Indian sub-continent, it is now spread across continents as a wild weed seeking our friendship, truly.   Our brains are starved for fat in a low fat promoting world and this is one non fishy way to get some.  I love going out to the garden in the morning to just nibble on it.  Hardy, low-lying, very easy to grow just about anywhere.  The yellow flower buds are also edible.  Add to salads for a succulent slighty sour and salty punch.  I want to experiment with adding it to pestos this summer.

 Other weedy wonders, you may ask?   Read on and click on these amazing links for the absolute wonder of Dandelion - a full body pick me up for spring de-tox, cleansing the liver and supporting the kidneys.  I just made some dandelion vinegar, now steeping flower heads and leaves for several weeks in slightly heated apple cider vinegar.  I plan to use it in salad dressings and as a morning alkaline boost supplement straight out of the bottle. I teaspoon in hot water will do too. 

Fun things to do with Dandelions 
and one more with excellent weedy wonder options!
Herbs and weeds every mother should plant 

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Enjoy what is left of our leafed out Spring - as you warm into the summer months of garden growth and glowing health.

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  1. Love this Marie! Missing Vermont dearly.

    -Summer Singletary